What inspired Feeding Camden?


Feeding Camden is the vision of Sarah Thorogood aged 16, who attends Camden School for Girls in the London Borough of Camden.

Sarah (far left) with Camden School for Girls staff and pupils

Sarah’s school is attended by pupils from both ends of the wealth spectrum.  Those whose families are well off by any standards study side by side with those whose parents are existing on benefits – and who sometimes don’t even get those. One of the worst things of all for people struggling financially is the prospect of having to go hungry – especially when there are kids to feed too. Sarah’s thinking is:

If everyone living in Camden was aware that people in their own neighbourhood often depend on hand-outs from the local foodbanks, I think they might try to find a way to help.

Sarah was lucky enough to win a grant for Feeding Camden from an organisation called Think Big which aims to support young people (aged 13-25) who have good ideas to help their local communities.

Sarah at the Camden Labour Party’s public think tank on food poverty
Sarah at the Camden Labour Party’s public think tank on food poverty

A message from Camden School for Girls

‘Students at Camden School for Girls have a strong tradition of charitable fund-raising and involvement. They are outward-looking, and care deeply about disadvantaged people in the UK and the world. Feeding Camden has provided them, and the school as a whole, with a chance to make a difference to vulnerable people who live right on our doorstep here in Camden. We are proud to support an initiative from an inspirational and compassionate Camden girl, Sarah, and wish Feeding Camden every success.’
Elizabeth Kitcatt, Headteacher