What is Feeding Camden?


Feeding Camden is not trying to raise money.

It asks only for small donations of either FOOD or TIME.

Feeding Camden is a community project set up to help the foodbanks in the London Borough of Camden cope with the growing demand from local residents who are unable to afford the food they and their families need.

The project has been funded from a grant awarded to 16-year-old Sarah Thorogood by Think Big. Sarah’s school, Camden School for Girls, is kindly supporting the project by publicising it to pupils and parents, helping to organise activities and assisting with the maintenance and monitoring of this website.

Pupils and staff at Camden School for Girls
Pupils and staff at Camden School for Girls with some of their Feeding Camden Christmas 2016 donation

You can find information on this site about why the foodbanks in Camden need your help so badly and lots of ideas for ways to get involved. Joining our Facebook group will connect you with like-minded people in the area. You can then find out who else near to you is interested in helping so you can discuss ways to network, get together and make your efforts work harder. For example:

  • You may be interested in donating a couple of grocery items each time you do your weekly shop (or on some other regular basis) but may not have the time to deliver donations to the foodbank. But perhaps a nearby neighbour does have time to make deliveries and could collect your donations. You could even set up a neighbourhood rota.
  • Or you may be willing to help but can only spare 30 minutes now and then. This could still be useful if you spend it making a couple of calls to local businesses on behalf of the foodbank. Many commercial organisations aim to be ‘community minded’ so may be interested in exploring ways to support Camden’s struggling foodbanks.


Getting involved with Feeding Camden is a great way to keep older kids occupied in a brilliant local initiative with evident benefits for their own community.  It’s something they can do in groups, in different ways that suit them best – and it’s great for CVs.