Eight ways for you to help


These are just some ideas to inspire you – you may have many more!

Joining our Facebook Group will connect you with like-minded local people who are interested in helping Feeding Camden.  If you prefer not to use Facebook, maybe you’re a member of a local Residents’ Association email group and can connect with others that way?

  1. Good at organising? Set up a neighbourhood rota. Feeding Camden’s Facebook Group will connect you with other local people who are keen to help so each person has to make only one trip every so often to deliver your group’s donations to the foodbank. If you can’t make any journeys to the foodbank, but can put aside food items now and then, it may be that someone living nearby would be able and willing to deliver them to the foodbank for you.
  2. Work for a local supermarket or food store? If you or someone you know is employed at a local supermarket or food store, see if you can arrange a foodbank collection box for customers. Joining our Facebook Group will help you find someone who can pick up and deliver the donations.
  3. Work for a local business? Maybe you and your colleagues could club together to arrange group activities every so often to benefit the foodbank. It does not have to be time-consuming, it does not ask for money and it’s great for socialising too.
  4. Good at making deals? Spend half an hour on the phone to local supermarkets or other local businesses – who all aim to be community-minded – and get them to agree to have a donations box, or a regular collection day for the foodbank. Our Facebook Group can connect you with people who might be able to do collections and deliveries.
  5. Young and strong? If you have biceps, give up an hour to help the foodbank’s voluntary staff (not all of whom are young and strong anymore) carry bags of food to their storerooms.
  6. Have a car? Offer to collect donation boxes from supermarkets and/or neighbours every so often and drive them to the foodbank. Sometimes the foodbank volunteers are too stretched to collect donation boxes themselves, even from their regular collection points.
  7. Have kids? Involve them! The idea of other kids in their own neighbourhood – not just in Africa – going hungry is something that most kids will relate to instantly. Get them to choose an item for the foodbank during your weekly shop. Older kids and teens can form little groups to help the foodbanks carry and unpack donations – and can spread the word about Feeding Camden at their schools. It’s also a great way to fulfil the volunteering requirement for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.
  8. Work at a Camden school? It’s easy to mobilise pupils and parents to have regular collection days – like a Harvest festival but all year round! The kids may have their own ideas for activities – which could involve local awareness-raising as well as food collections. Kids’ artwork can be used to create fabulous eye-catching posters to draw attention to Feeding Camden. And remember: unlike other charity activities, Feeding Camden is NOT trying to fundraise – we are interested only in FOOD and TIME.