Groceries needed by the foodbanks


Food donations must be long-life (non-perishable) and protein is often especially important (e.g. canned meat, fish or pulses).  Here is a list of appropriate items:

  • Canned foods
    Canned soup, canned meat, canned fish, canned vegetables, canned pulses (including baked beans), canned fruit, tinned spaghetti, rice pudding
  • Dried foods
    Cereal, pulses, rice, pasta
  • Drinks
    Coffee, tea bags, squash, powdered milk, long life milk, long life juice
  • Other
    Pasta sauce, packet soup, Pot Noodle, instant porridge, crackers, biscuits, cereal bars, tomato paste, sugar
  • Household goods and toiletries
    Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet rolls, sanitary towels, washing up liquid, black refuse bags, spray cleaner

The Trussell Trust foodbanks regularly update their websites with lists of specific items they particularly need (and items they currently have in sufficient quantities):

These webpages also list the foodbanks’ current drop-off and collection points. We have heard that the Camden foodbank will soon be starting their own ‘friends’ group, which you can join by emailing