How foodbanks operate


  • Foodbanks affiliated to the Trussell Trust operate using a voucher system. Frontline care professionals such as social workers, the police, GPs and schools register as voucher distributors with a particular foodbank. The foodbank then gives each distributor a stock of voucher (every voucher bears a reference number which identifies the voucher distributor).
  • People in crisis who are given these vouchers by distributors take them to the foodbank which issued them. The foodbank then exchanges the voucher for a supply of food items. Trussell Trust policy is to provide enough nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food to last for three days.  The volunteers also provide a friendly cup of tea and sign-posting to agencies that can help to resolve each person’s situation.
  • Registered distributors of vouchers in Camden include several teams within Camden Council’s Social Services department, Citizen’s Advice Bureaux, Job Centres, Community Centres and GP practices.