Who runs the foodbanks?


The main UK foodbank network is run by the Trussell Trust, a Christian charity prepared to help people of any faith who are in need of food.  The Trussell Trust operates as a national umbrella body to support foodbanks across the country with organisational and volunteer training, an operating manual, an online forum, annual conferences and access to the foodbank network’s shared ideas and experiences. There are currently three Trussell Trust foodbanks in the Borough of Camden, all located in the centre of the borough where deprivation is greatest: They are the Chalk Farm Foodbank  (at the Primrose Hill Baptist Church), the Camden Foodbank  (at the RCCG City Church in Pratt Mews in Camden Town) and the Euston Foodbank (in Lancing Street near Euston Station).  For opening times, please visit the webpage for each foodbank.

We have discussed Feeding Camden in detail with the teams who run the foodbanks within the borough to ensure the project will help them with their work.

Other local foodbanks include one at Maiden Lane Community Centre, one at Highgate Newtown and one at Sufra NW London in the Borough of Brent. The foodbanks, usually in a church or community centre, are backed up by further organisations collecting non-perishable food and providing volunteers.  Here’s a quote from Highgate Newtown which may sum things up about the situation in the Borough of Camden:

‘Our area is one of great wealth but also has some pockets of real poverty and social exclusion – islands of deprivation in a sea of privilege.’