The ‘foodbank challenge’… and the summer slowdown

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Hugh Grant steps up to the plate

No wonder there was surprise and delight at the Trussell Trust Airdrie (Scotland) foodbank when, after a consignment of food and toiletries was received from a ‘Mr Grant’, the donor’s true identity was discovered.  It was none other than the well-known actor Hugh Grant.  The impact on the Airdrie Foodbank volunteers was posted on their Facebook account:  “This act of kindness fairly cheered us all up.”

According to foodbank manager, David Findlay, Hugh Grant is “quite a supporter of foodbanks; it’s something he has strong feelings about.”

#Foodbank Challenge takes to Twitter

Hugh Grant’s donation to the Airdrie foodbank was prompted by Scottish blogger, Alex Tiffin, who tweeted about his life on the breadline.  The wheelchair-bound Scot gave the breakdown of his finances which left him with only £10.50 to get through a fortnight after paying his bills.  He referred to his weekly trip to the foodbank.  This spearheaded the ‘Foodbank Challenge’ which is to:

  1. Buy some food items to donate
  2. Take a pic of your donation
  3. Post on social media
  4. Name the foodbank
  5. Use hashtag #FoodbankChallenge

The Big Issue (No 1312 June 18-24 2018) reported that Hugh Grant has kept the #foodbankchallenge momentum going by visiting his local site in Hammersmith and Fulham and following up with another donation to the Airdrie foodbank.  Alex Tiffin has started his own blog “Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer.

Twitter’s #foodbankchallenge is inspiring Hugh Grant to donate to foodbanks

Summer slowdown of food donations is a concern

David Findlay of the Airdrie foodbank has expressed concern about a slowdown of donations in the summer.  He said: “We tend to find that things dry up at this time as people go on holiday and school terms end; we often struggle during the summer period.”  Feeding Camden has previously highlighted the issue that school holidays mean no free school lunches and three million children are at greater risk of hunger over this period.

Jean Kilshaw, on behalf of Feeding Camden

The ‘foodbank challenge’… and the summer slowdown